* * daily necessities co., LTD., the existing staff of * *, consists of: spinning factory, towel factory, embroidery factory, home textile factory and import and export corporation. Successively in several countries and regions to establish a stable sales network and branch. * * company with high quality talent team, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management, has won domestic and foreign customers praise good, which makes the enterprise quickly developed into a collection of spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, embroidery for the integration of home textile group.
"* *" product brand characteristics and product performance. * * * * commodity relying on scientific and technological progress, advocate green consumption, let consumer to fully understand the holy embellish brand culture brought about by the infinite charm. * * home textile, dedicated to the functional home textile, products are true silk series,
Wall stick - red dandelions
Has a unique rubber surface guide gas tank, when the paste can be easily eliminate sticker and metope between bubble,

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Fashionable hair towel suite
Product description: material: 100% cotton fabric soft, warm, double use, feel comfortable, delicate, appearance feel high-grade,
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1. Television maintenance required thunderstorm weather home appliance prevention techniques
2. The home textile product low carbon search path
3. Home textile industry: from the weak links of the value chain to find a breakthrough
4. Network economy era broaden the channels of home textile brands

The kitchen multi-functional dishes
Antibacterial processing, long durability, effective use of kitchen space, beautiful, easy to clean all tableware, a frame done! Comprehensive design,

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